The Tj's Custom Tint Unconditional Quality Guarantee

Our policy is simple…The ultimate measure of quality is in a satisfied customer. To that end we are advocates of quality work and old fashioned customer service. In addition, our premium films are backed by a comprehensive, fully transferable, nation-wide lifetime warranty. We guarantee that our window tinting film products will not delaminate, discolor, distort, fade, or peel. Furthermore, our workmanship unconditionally guaranteed to be 99.9% free of any defects. The choice is clear in Texas tint windows of any vehicle with Tj's quality.

Auto Window Tinting - Our Best Practices

The application of window film is not an art; it is a science. We utilize CAD designed computer cut patterns, for laser accurate window tinting. Our mounting solution is prepared with distilled water to eliminate impurities that could distort your view. Quality autowindow tinting never takes place outdoors because wind, dust, and temperature are not controllable. Our clean work environment is neutral to air movement and prepped daily to minimize contaminants. Next, we ensure that your car's electronic components are protected by using drop cloths and moisture resistant barriers when applying the window film. Our installation bay is also video monitored from every angle throughout the day by our management to make certain that safety precautions are in practice.

Professional Installers

Tj's Window Tinting only recruits the industry's finest, factory certified installers, whom routinely compete in national "Tint-Off" window tinting events. Our staff wear professional, Tint-free uniforms and wash their hands frequently to minimize the potential for contaminants under the film. Our installers are trained to work in a "razor-less" window tinting shop. Unlike most window tinting shops, we do not contract temporary work from mobile, unlicensed installers.

Our Selection in Fairfield - California - Glass Films

Selecting the right auto window film is more involved than just picking a shade. We carry the basic premium dyed films, the advanced, Nano-Ceramic Signal Enabling Films, and everything in between. We are proud to carry the area's largest selection of "in-stock" premium window films crafted using only virgin polyester and the clearest adhesive available today. Tj's Window Tinting is the first store in Fairfield, CA to carry window film that can be legally applied to front doors in California. Our installers are not driven by commission or sales targets, so we will always provide unbiased, knowledgeable advice on which films will meet your needs.


UV Rays Blocked


Energy Savings Possible


Glare Reduction


Reduction in Solar Heat